Rainbow Boots

A couple weeks ago during a pre-spring thaw we took a walk at SPAC and MiniM.E. discovered her love of jumping in puddles.

And I discovered that having a change of clothes (including socks) is definitely worth the space it takes up.

Since that day, I made it my mission to find rain boots for MiniM.E. that weren't more expensive than shoes I would buy myself.  Easier said than done.  I finally found some online at the Children's Place and they were on clearance.  Plus a 20% coupon and I was only out $12.

MiniM.E. kept asking to jump in the puddles.  I told her I ordered her some rain boots and they were coming in the mail.  So all weekend she kept saying "rainbow boots comin mail!" "jump puddles!".  So cute.

She was more than a little excited when they finally arrived.  Since she hated wearing winter boots, I assumed she would be excited to see them but I'd never get them on her (part of the reason I couldn't see spending more than $15 or so on a pair), but as soon as we got them out of the box she insisted on wearing them around the house.  Even with a few nasty spills (they're a bit big and not very flexible) she was still so "'cited!".  I made her a puddle to jump in the backyard.  Not exactly puddle jumping weather, but she didn't seem to mind.

MiniM.E. said "hearing airplane"

"done puddles"

can't go outside with out a ride on the swing!
Just when I thought we were heading for spring and I put the winter coats away and bought rain boots, we got pelted with a huge snowstorm.  When I woke up on Tuesday to a foot of snow, I was a little upset that it wasn't 50 and sunny.  But at least we got one more day to play in the snow.

huh, that's pretty tasty

too cold!

Just waiting on spring...

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