Happy Birthday Mommy!

MiniM.E. and H. played more together on Friday.  It was the first time they actually seemed to be playing together and it was adorable.

care for some tea?

more kisses over coffee

Then Saturday it was my birthday.  I spent most of the day cutting wood for a play kitchen I'm making MiniM.E. (shhh! it's a surprise!).  While I cut wood, MiniM.E. was busy wrapping presents with Gram and helping to decorate the cake.

such careful little fingers

so many sprinkles in this cup...

and they should all be on the cake!

all gone!

maybe I can spread them around...

or just eat them!

and some candles

Later in the afternoon H. came over to say good-bye.  Cutest hug ever!

Then we sang "Happy Birthday" (to MiniM.E.) and blew out the candles- THREE times.

The best birthday present I got was MiniM.E. singing "Happy Birthday" to me.  She actually tried to sing and it was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever heard in my entire life.  She was so proud of herself.

**Note: I apologize for the lack of video.  For one, MiniM.E. is really hard to record because as soon as she sees the camcorder, she runs over and says, "see baby!" because she wants to watch the videos of herself.  Whenever I DO get to record her, I don't usually have the time to upload the videos because my computer is out of space so uploading them requires that I back up other photos and videos and get them off of my computer... a project I am diligently working on in all my free time... 

Thanks for a great birthday MiniM.E.!

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