Things I Love About MiniM.E. at 15 Months

This post is inspired by this post written by a fellow former-expat-mommy at Two And A Half Taylors.

While the thought of MiniM.E. turning five makes me well up inside, I am sure that there are things that I will love about her at every age.  And I don't want to forget them.

MiniM.E. has grown the most in the past three months.  Since turning one, she's become a little person and she amazes me every day.

So, here are some things I love about her right now.

-she repeats everything.  I mean everything. From "cooking pizza" to "oh $#!%!" (have to watch our language!)

-she thinks everything lying down is "leaning back" for a "diaper change"

-she thinks everything upright is "standing": trees, toys, chairs, etc.

-she loves our Pileated Woodpecker and is really sad when he isn't there.

-she is pretending with stuffed animals.  They all need water, puffs and diaper changes.

-she loves her squeaky shoes and doesn't want to wear any others, even if it's 5 below.

-she knows how to say "hugs, cuddles, and nuzzles" and gives all of them freely.

-she can say "different" and applies it to everything: different water, different snack, different couch, different shirt, etc.

-loves seltzer water and requires that we buy some to drink in the grocery store whenever we go (we also have to get a slice of cheese).

-knows when she's tired and asks for naps, bath time, and "night night".

-loves baby yoga, swimming, baths, cheddar bunnies, eggs, balloons, playing popper on the stairs, daddy playing the trumpet, the bug song on baby einstein, trains, curious george, going to the grocery store, and reading Maisy Big, Maisy Small in the bathroom.

I hope I can keep saying this for a while, but having a 15 month old is my favorite - so far.

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  1. Awwwwww- I'm glad I inspired a post ;) I try to do that every so often, but it's never often enough! The time goes by so fast. Enjoy it!