Welcome, Christmas!

We've been doing all we can to get into the Christmas spirit (not that I need to do much...). Christmas music is always on now (MiniM.E. is sad that it's not always kids' music anymore, but she still dances around, so it can't be that bad).

We've been to Starbucks to admire their decorations. (really, we just went because I have a caffeine addiction)
One grande non-fat peppermint mocha, please!

So pretty!

(signing) More coffee!
 We went to the Victorian Christmas Walk downtown.  It was no Dresden Christmas Market, but it was still fun.
Looking at...

the reindeer.

We waited 20 minutes for that giant balloon!

And, now I finally feel like it's Christmastime in our house.  It's about a week and a half later than I would have liked, but such is life with a toddler.  Decorations are finally up.
with Metzger's help

We went and cut down our tree on Saturday at Ellms Farm.  It was cold, so MiniM.E. got to wear her snowsuit for the first time.  There was even a dusting of snow!

not sure how to move in this...
 The best part of finding a tree (for MiniM.E.) was taking the tractor hayride out to the lots.

It took a lot of traipsing around to find the perfect tree because we were set on a blue spruce this year and they were hidden (actually, they were in plain sight, but there were only 8 or so and they were all so hideous that we walked right past them a few times).  We found this Charlie Brown tree (okay, it's not that bad).  Bob cut it down with his awesome muscles.   (Striking the same triumphant pose as last year)

MiniM.E. didn't share Bob's enthusiasm

It's hard to get up in a snowsuit...

At least there were goats to pet...

Awake for this year's train photo... much better than last year

 Once we got it home it seemed a bit big for our living room...
But now that the lights are on- which was an endeavor thanks to a super fussy and clingy MiniM.E. and super prickly needles- and we finally put the ornaments on, I love it!

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