The Countdown

10 days to Christmas.

To Do List: Wrap, bake, decorate cookies, deliver gifts, caroling, watch Christmas movies, "make snow angels for two hours, then... go ice skating, then... eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie Dough, and then... snuggle." -Elf (2003)

I do love a good Christmas movie...

So last year at this time I felt like I had a lot to do, but fortunately, I could pop MiniM.E. in the car, drive around the block, and be certain of a two-and-a-half hour nap in which to decorate cookies.  Or I could set her up in the swing and bake cookies.  Or I could put her on the playmat and she would contentedly watch as I frantically wrapped presents.

This year, I set myself up with an even longer Christmas to-do list thinking MiniM.E. was older, so it would be easier to get things done.

Apparently the Christmas season has rendered my brain useless, because really? Easier???

Our days have been busy with MiniM.E. friendly activities like building towers and learning new words, while every second of nap-time is crammed full of Christmas prep.  Did I mention naps are rarely longer than an hour?  AND MiniM.E. has recently developed a full-on case of mommy-itis that allows me to leave her side for no more than a millisecond before blood-curdling screams erupt?  Needless to say, my countdown is more than a little nerve-wracking; there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Aside from Christmas preparations, MiniM.E. is an amazing little learner.  She's talking up a storm and knows well over 100 words.  A few days ago she started stringing two words together, like "jammies on" and "bye daddy" and "all better".  It is so cute and all I want to do is show you all, BUT MiniM.E. cannot be video taped because as soon as she sees the camera she rushes over saying, "baby, baby, baby," because she wants to see videos of herself.

Not only are there no adorable MiniM.E. videos, but I've been so busy, I don't even have any photos.  For at least a week.  I am actually very upset and have added "take photos" to my Christmas to-do list...

edited to add:

Check.  Photos taken.  Best photos of MiniM.E. ever... no.  Not really even good ones.  BUT, they are pictures.  I blame the lack of being outdoors.  And also the fact that I haven't opened my Christmas present yet.  It might be a camera.  Shhhh... don't let on that I know!

Ready to go out

WITH her own backpack (full of toys, of course)

At M's house.  Best play thing: stairs.

Nice up-the-nose-shot.

Testing out M & G's nursery.

Rocking Tranquil Turtle in the swing.  Too cute!

Out to eat.  Best plaything: butter knife.

Ready to order...

or is she?  Maybe there were too many choices on the kids' menu.
Hope you are all enjoying the season and are crossing off more things on your to-do lists than I am.  But isn't being busy half the fun?

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