Merry Christmas!!


The anticipation is killing me.  Especially because Christmas will be extra fun this year with a one-year-old.  (Note: I'm already counting down to Christmas-with-a-two-year-old!)

I finally took some photos.  Christmassy ones.  So at least if I don't take another photo of MiniM.E. until 2013, I have a couple photos that I can show her later and say, "here you were doing Christmassy things when you were one."  That's all that really matters, right?

My checklist?  Shopping: done. Wrapping: done.
Baking: done. Decorating cookies: done.
Christmas Cards: done.

Really, all that's left is to eat an inordinate amount of holiday goodies and watch The Santa Clause (my all time favorite Christmas movie.  Some hot chocolate might be in order as well.

So, until next year (probably, because Christmas is a busy time, you know? and then there's all the Christmas take-down, and playing with presents, and planning activities for New Year's Eve...), here are some photos of MiniM.E. (doing Christmassy things).

Hope you all have a a wonderful Christmas, safe travels, and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

I shouldn't be playing here...

I should be up on the desk!

This looks fun

So does climbing on this chair... 

Ahhh, the table is way more fun from up here...

Playing by the tree

Testing the pokeyness


Just looking...

AND... pulling the owl off the tree

Can I have that back?  "More owl!"

Checking it out from a different view point

Chilling with the kitty

Organizing Mommy's cabinets while she bakes

Helping to bake

...can't even say what's going on here... 

taste test

"All done"

Rearranging a train city while at our friend R's house

"What? It was already like this!"

Reading with Jingle

Building a gingerbread train

"I think I dropped something in there!"

"Want these?"

Carefully decorating

Then un-decorating

Then decorating...
Playing outside in a new jacket

Wagon ride!

Indoor sled ride
Playgroup gift exchange (we got a sweet giraffe backpack!)

Our tree, all decorated (and a kitty)

First family photo: Fail.

Not bad.  The other cat is totally under the tree.  You just can't see him.  You know, because we're in the way.  This is probably the best we're going to get... Merry Christmas! From our family to yours.

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