So Busy!

I feel like the start of the holiday season for me is now MiniM.E. (and Bob's) birthday(s).  Which is awesome.  I LOVE the holidays.  BUT, I have to say, it's certainly a busy time of the year.

Which brings me to the topic of this post.  I think having a baby makes being busy even busier.  Because instead of having a giant list of things to do and having all day to do it, I have a giant list of things to do with only nap time to get everything done.  And with nap times having diminished to one nap of maybe an hour, that's not a whole lot of time.  I try to get things done in the evening too, but usually by the time MiniM.E. is asleep, I want to be sleeping...

So right now, MiniM.E. is napping, and instead of getting things done, I'm procrastinating by writing a blog post.  But I'll try to only procrastinate a little.  I'll just put lots of pictures and only a teeny bit of text...

Lately, its been cold in the mornings, which is usually the time we play outside so we've had to find other things to do.
watching the washing machine

taking long baths

playing inside

Fortunately, it isn't winter yet, and we can still play outside most days.

We also had a busy weekend.  We went to Poughkeepsie to visit our friends who just moved back from Germany.  We had a great time.  MiniM.E. seemed to enjoy herself too!

And yesterday, we took advantage of the nice weather and went to Sunnyside Gardens.

Someone's awake... until next time...

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