More Orchard Fun

I've noticed that having a baby toddler means finding something your child likes to do and repeating it multiple times.  Not that I don't love feeding the ducks at the pond, riding the carousel, and going for wagon rides.  I do those things are awesome to do with MiniM.E.  Things I don't love quite as much include standing in the spider-infested-shed pointing at and naming things, reading my least favorite children's books hundreds of times, continuously making my cell phone "play music", and climbing up and down the stairs searching for invisible pieces of dirt.

In the case of things fall-related, I'm in repetitive-toddler-activity-heaven.  Never would have I convinced myself it was necessary to visit an apple orchard (the same apple orchard) twice in less than a week just because it's a cool place and happens to have apple cider and donuts.

But NOW, I have an excuse.  MiniM.E. really likes the playground and the animals and the pumpkin patch.  (And really, without a toddler, it might be just a bit strange for me to be hanging out feeding the goats.)

Yesterday we went back to Bowman Orchards with one of our playgroup friends T. and her daughter, H. and our other friend, M.  They hadn't been yet... so what a great excuse for us to go again- we had to show them how awesome it was!

We decided against apple picking (because when there's a playground and animals, who has time for that?) and headed straight for the playground.

MiniM.E. loved it just as much the second time.  In fact, I think this time was even better because unlike last week when the playground was full of school groups on field trips, we were the ONLY ones there.

We had the playground all to ourselves.

And since there were no kids lining up to feed them, the animals were extra friendly (and extra hungry!).

We spent some time playing in the pumpkins.

And I may have given in to my love of obsession with all-things-fall-flavored obsession with some cider and donuts.

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