I Don't Want to Brag, But...

My kid is pretty darn smart.  For a one-year-old.  At least, I think she's pretty darn smart.  Not that I know many one-year-olds.

She knows the name of pretty much anything we've talked about at least a few times and can point to items, find them where they should be located, and bring them on command.  Which is super cute.  And could be pretty helpful.  Soon.  Like once she actually just brings one washcloth for dinner without dumping the rest of them on the floor.

She knows some sign language, which is definitely a mixed blessing.  It's really nice to know she's fussy because she's hungry, but when I've read Push and Pop Jungle 80 times and I don't want to read it again, it's really hard to say no when she signs "please."

AND, she's a huge animal noise fan.  Or maybe we just think it's cute to hear her make them, so we've turned her into an animal noise fan.

Anyhow, here's a video... too cute.

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