Heritage Farms

The weather for our NH Saturday didn't look great... but we still wanted to try to enjoy the fall as much as possible.

With some savvy web-searching, we found a cute farm with a petting zoo about a half-hour from my parents house.  It was the perfect Saturday activity.  Especially because they also had a restaurant specializing in pancake breakfasts.  Animals and pancakes?  What more could MiniM.E. (or me) possibly want?

MiniM.E. riding the calf.  (before we saw the sign that said not to)

The calf.  I want one.

on the crazy exer-swing


were fascinating


and more goats

collecting leaves

practicing swinging


playing in the sand

not sure about that truck...

visiting the ponies
I loved Heritage Farms and can't wait to go back next year.  The animals were awesome- they just roamed around the farm and even played on the playground.  MiniM.E. loved it.  AND the pancakes were fantastic.  Get the pumpkin ones.

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