An Autumn Visit to NH

Two weeks ago Bob took a long weekend and we drove to NH to do some leaf peeping and enjoy autumn-like activities.  The leaf peeping went really well on the drive over and we got to see some really nice foliage.  We planned some great activities, and fortunately the weather held out a little bit because for the most part it was pretty rainy.

I'm just a tad late in posting about it because my baby girl turned one yesterday and it was a pretty big deal.  Two weeks of bawling preparing for my baby to become a toddler... but more about that later.

I really want to share all the cute photos of MiniM.E., but it takes a lot of time and effort to be witty, funny and informative in my posts, so for the sake of time, this and the next few posts will be light on text, heavy on photos.  Thanks for understanding!

My favorite part of going home is just relaxing... seeing my family and having an extra pair or two of hands to help out with MiniM.E.

We really enjoyed playing outside this trip...
Playing in the leaves

Calling the Kitty

Running through the leaves

Helping rake

NOT liking being in the leaves

Being rescued

Swinging with Mommy

All by herself!

In the treehouse with Daddy

Down the slide!

Wheelbarrow ride with Mommy (who broke it)
 And seeing MiniM.E.'s boyfriend, H.
And with H. (after it got fixed!)

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