Enjoying the Last Week of Summer

For a lot of families, this week is it.  The last week of summer.  Better cram in all the last minute summer fun you can muster!  For some families, school's already started and the coming weekend is the last hurrah.

Fortunately, having a 10 month old means that as long as the weather's nice, I'll call it summer for as many more weeks as Mother Nature allows.

MiniM.E. and I have been spending as much time outside as possible.  Not so much because I want to be outside all the time.... though the slathering on of sunscreen, fighting to put on shoes, washing the dirt out of clothes and the little creases on tiny sticky hands, and sitting in the ant-ridden grass are all things I greatly enjoy... but mostly because MiniM.E. can point to things she wants.  And she almost always wants "out".  Who's brilliant idea was it to teach the kid to point, anyway?

It's actually gotten a lot better in the past week or so because she LOVES to walk (holding on to our hands of course).  So it's been less sitting in the grass and playing with dirt, acorns, bugs and garbage, and more walking from here to there.  It's a darn good thing MiniM.E. is on the upper end of the height spectrum and I'm not a very tall person or I'd probably be developing a permanent stoop.

But, enough with the commentary, here are some photos of MiniM.E. enjoying the weather.

Seemingly safe place to leave a baby for a photo op.

Until she started climbing it.

And I had to move to a place where I could grab her if necessary.

So happy!

Thinking about how happy she just was.

Yay! Wagon ride!

While we are enjoying the nice weather, it has been especially nice that for the past few days its been a bit cooler.  I might have a hankering for a little fall.  The other day on our morning walk we had to wear pants AND long sleeves!

Here's a flower for you!

Looks like we'll have a few more hot days, but I'm looking forward to the cooler ones.... and apple picking... and pumpkins... and apple cider... and Halloween... and Thanksgiving...

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  1. I am SO ready for Fall too, We should get an apple picking group together!!