NH: Day 2

My sister had the day off today, so we decided we wanted to do something fun with MiniM.E., hopefully near some water.

We thought of the ocean and lakes, but as nice as being near the water sounds, it's not quite as fun when you're huddling on your 1 square foot of beach beside the oily tanners, the sand-kicking kids, the yelling moms and the radio-blaring teens.  Especially if its super hot and you have to weave your way to the water.  Fortunately, my sister is a fantastic swimming-spot locator, so we ended up at a super cute sandbar in the river.

Here is MiniM.E. checking out the weather in the morning

 And trying to play with my parent's cat.  Unfortunately, the cat was not nearly as excited about MiniM.E as she was about him.

After a nice morning nap, we headed out and had a great afternoon at the river.

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