Happy Natal Equinox!

Yesterday was MiniM.E.'s natal equinox.  It was a pretty exciting day for her.  So I bought her a cake.  Let's be honest.  I bought me a cake.  Any excuse to eat cake...

I wanted to have the store write "Happy Natal Equinox" on the cake, but as it was, the decorations were far from fabulous and I wasn't going to risk them ruining my $13 cake.  (Really? $13 for a CAKE? I could make 13 cakes for $13.  The price you pay for convenience... and tasty frosting)  So I bought some pink gel icing.  NOT the easiest thing to write on a cake with, but it did the job.

I was pretty upset because as it turns out, she wasn't even feeling well and seemed to have a tummy ache.  I didn't want to mess with whatever stomach bug she might have by feeding it sugar, so she didn't even get to eat any Natal Equinox cake.

To make up for it, I let her drive the car.  Seems like a fair trade off.

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