A Morning at the Track

This morning we woke up early to do something I've wanted to do since we moved here last summer.

Let me first clarify that I did not want to wake up early, though with a nine month old, I rarely sleep past 7.  Today we had to be up to leave by 7.  Usually, that wouldn't be a problem.  But, of course, in typically baby form, come 6:15, MiniM.E. was still fast asleep.  6:30, still out cold.  By 6:40 I had to wake her up.  In the morning anything: a sniffle, a cough, running the water, a bird outside... will wake her up- from a dead sleep to wide-awake-sitting.  This morning it seemed like NOTHING would rouse her.  I felt so bad dragging her out of bed, but it was definitely worth it.

We got in the car (begrudgingly with a look that said "but Mommy, this is my playtime!") and drove to the race track.

Last summer during racing season, which is only 7 weeks long, we made it to the track twice to watch the races.  Unfortunately, the races aren't very exciting unless you're betting hundreds of dollars.  Which we don't have.  So we bet change.  Literal change.  Like $.50.  In all fairness, I was pretty pregnant at the time, but when I think back, I'm still not sure that baking in the August sun while sitting on hard wooden benches atop a sea of scorching blacktop waiting for 30 minutes to see horses run past for all of 5 seconds of a one or two minute race sounds like a good time.

Which is why this morning was so awesome.

We parked NEXT TO THE TRACK.  A big step up from parking across the street down a few blocks (though again, my memory of the distance from the car to the track might be a bit jaded by the fact that I was waddling on ankles the size of grapefruits).  Met up with our friends, walked to the Clubhouse past a bunch of horses and had a BUFFET BREAKFAST (my favorite meal of the day served "all-you-can-eat" style? yes please!) while watching the horses warm up on the track.  It was awesome.  There were horses walking and trotting and all-out-sprinting.  Continuously.

MiniM.E. LOVED it.  Our breakfast was full of pointing and squeals of excitement (apologies to the table next to us).

I also thought it was pretty awesome to eat and watch the horses.  Though between rescuing the silverware and placemats, cutting up fruit, collecting fallen bits of food and making sure MiniM.E. didn't fall through a leg-hole in the high chair as she twisted every which way- all the while trying to shovel food into my mouth, I didn't get to see much of the horses.

Good thing there was a free tour after breakfast featuring lots of up-close-and-personal time with more horses.  (But not TOO close, because apparently those things can kick!)  MiniM.E. and BabyA. took a siesta while we walked through the Backstretch.

I was a little disappointed MiniM.E. didn't get to see more horses close up, but it probably made the tour more enjoyable for everyone else.

Both babies woke up just as we got on the tram back to the front of the track.

We even got our $10 parking fee back for leaving by 10(:25)!  We'll definitely be going to the track for breakfast again!

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  1. I have been wanting to go on a morning! That sounds perfect. And seriously, the whole child sleeping in ONLY on the days you need them up early is one of the most diabolical things ever.