The Terrible Eights?

Stretchy is a whole eight months old!  Where does the time go??

She's working on crawling and wants to stand and try to walk all the time.  Which is super awesome.  I also found out she understands us.  You can say "clap your hands" and guess what?  She does!  Amazing.

She's also been incredibly fussy.  All. The. Time.  Or at least it feels like all the time.

It's probably cutting teeth.  Apparently, once they get teeth, anything and everything can be attributed to teething... until they're done getting teeth.  Awesome.

She also has the worst case of mommy-itis.  Ever.  I can't even leave a room in my house and go someplace else without evoking a screaming fit which must leave my neighbors thinking I have a secretive torture chamber.  Forget going to the gym and let her stay in the babysitting room.  The second I set her down she starts crying.  And continues crying.  Until fifteen minutes later (which is apparently the standard amount of time they must keep your screaming kid) when they have to come get me.

And now she's learned that if she wants something that I've taken away, she can scream and cry and most likely, I'll give it back.  This is inclusive of cell phones, toys, kitchen utensils, cameras, stuffed animals, dirty diapers and hair elastics.  It also applies to occasions where she is someplace she likes and I try to remove her to a new location.

She's so super cute that I can't be mad at her, but it can get kind of trying.

AND, as mean as it may be, I do kind of enjoy cute screaming baby pictures...

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