Taking a Break

After men working in our house to replace the windows and two sets of visitors, I was exhausted.  I mean, on top of already being exhausted because I have a baby.  So I decided to hop in the car and go home.  Sometimes even though I'm a mom and I have someone to take care of, I still need my mom to take care of me.

It was nice to spend some time at home.

We played a lot.

tired out

And Stretchy looked super cute, as always.

She got to eat in a toddler chair that I used to have when I was little (thanks mommy-brain for forgetting the clip-on high chair!).

And we even got to go in the hot tub (thanks for turning the heat down!).

She explored all the furniture.

AND the funniest thing happened.  A dragonfly landed on her head and stayed there for a few minutes.  She had NO CLUE.  Hilarious.

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