I Don't Mean to Brag...

but my kid is kind of awesome.  We had to make a trip to the doctor's office yesterday, and even though Stretchy was supposed to be acting fussy and rubbing her ears (inner ear infection?), she was all smiles and cuteness...

Now, typically, as I think most parents know, when your child can do something awesome at home (wave, clap, talk, walk, stand on their head...) they never do it in front of someone else when you want them to, which often makes the parent look like an idiot, especially if they person they are trying to show doesn't have kids.

Scenario: Stretchy learns to wave and I want to show it off at coffee with one of my friends.
  (arrive at coffee shop.  Stretchy waves at multiple strangers the cashier and the barista while I wait for my friend.  Friend arrives, we get coffee, make small talk.)
  Me: Guess what Stretchy learned to do this weekend?  She can wave! Wave hello, Stretchy!
  (I frantically wave my arm around in front of the baby)
  Baby: Gaaaaa.  Ba. Ba. (gives quizzical expression and drops toy to ground)
  Me:  Come on, wave!  Hi! (I wave more, people start staring)
  Baby: Ba. Ba. (bangs table) AAhhhh! (starts crying).
I look like a giant liar.

As we sat talking to the doctor, Stretchy started waving.  The doctor waved back and said, "wow, already waving, huh?"  So, being the proud mom that I am, decided to try to show off her latest skill.

"Watch this," I said...  "Clap your hands..."

And for once, Stretchy actually did something awesome in front of somebody else.  She clapped.  The doctor seemed pretty impressed.  I was pretty impressed.  Which made me extra proud of my awesome baby.  Just had to share...

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