Pool Season!

The weather has been so hot lately that I might be melting.  I hate strongly dislike hot weather.  Cold weather is so much better because you can always put ON more clothes.  There comes a point where you really can't take much else OFF.  Especially if you are in public.

The only real way to beat the heat is by getting wet.   I remember when I was little the best thing was to run under the sprinkler or get watered by the hose... or even to jump into a tiny pool filled with ice-cold water.  Now, I prefer my water much warmer, but it's still a nice treat to go for a swim outside!

Which is why we invested in a pool.  

I know what you're thinking, "first windows, then a pool!?!?"

I assure you, it was worth the money.

As you can see, we spared no expense.

At first, the bath toys were entertainment enough

Then she saw the grass

And decided it was time to escape

Was the water THAT cold??

After failing to escape... 

Enjoying some tummy time

Too much fun!

Hmmm... maybe I didn't want to get out yet?

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