Fun Outside

Over the weekend we took advantage of the nice weather and the extra day off.

Saturday we hung around the house, finishing putting everything back in its place.  We grilled with some friends and enjoyed the backyard.

Sunday, we went to a BBQ where Stretchy spent some time outside on the playground,

got to meet some dogs,

(and even ride one!)

and made a new friend.

We took a hike at the Saratoga State Park.  Stretchy had a great time.

Such a good time, that this is how we ended the hike.

We also went to the park and fed the ducks

and rode the carousel.  This time, I forgot the video camera and the crazy thing was going so fast all my pictures were blurry :(

It was great to have a long weekend and spend time outside.  Today it is SUPER hot, so we'll hang around and get some errands done... looking forward to more nice weather!

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