An Explosion of New Things

After Stretchy recovered from being sick, it seemed like she was feeling so much better that she was bored with all the things she could already do and decided to learn a bunch of new things.

She can flop onto her stomach from sitting and roll to her back.  Now she does it all the time... if only she could figure out the sit-up, she'd be good to go!

She can mimic a really cute smacking sound and now that's how we chat. 

And she can turn the pages when we read... All by herself!

The latest new thing?  She can wave.  She's been waving for a while, but I think it's been unintentional- more like a flapping when she gets excited.  But now when someone waves at her she can intentionally wave back.  SO CUTE!  I have yet to get it on video... hopefully soon!

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