Back to Normal

Our windows are finally finished and the guys are done working in our house.  It was a ridiculous ordeal with three windows needing to be replaced, still... one window needing to be reinstalled, and a general feeling of chaos.  Not to mention that after they tore open the whole wall to install a window, we had to paint it.  Thankfully my mom came to help out, so instead of pulling out all my hair and actually going insane, I only felt like pulling out my hair and going insane.  In reality, now that it's finished I am proud to sport a full head of hair, am relatively sane and am very glad for our awesome new windows.

During "Window-Hell-Week" I did not have time, energy or even the ability to post anything as all our furniture had to be moved away from the walls resulting in an inefficient and unusable furniture maze.

BUT, I did manage to get some cute pictures amidst the chaos!

Here are a few playing inside:

Most of the photo opportunities were outside because it was loud, dirty and kind of awkward to hang out in the house...

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