Recovering After an Awesome Easter Weekend

Stretchy, Bob and I had a great Easter weekend at my parents house in NH.  We got to rest (while not preparing Easter dinner), eat Easter candy, go shopping, visit with family and eat lots of good food.

Stretchy took her first wagon ride (altered with her favorite rideable household object, the laundry basket):

 Went on a swing for the first time:

She got to play in a giant bed:

And tried to use the camera:

Now, however, it is Monday.

I dislike Mondays.  I would say "hate," but not all Mondays are ALL bad...

Mondays are the days with the most chores- like changing the linens and towels and cleaning up after the weekend.*  We inevitably have to go grocery shopping because we eat all our food over the weekend (or worse, never bought any food for the weekend and have to resort to "pantry finds" for lunch...).  AND I'm always tired because we do extra stuff on the weekend and I can't quite catch up on my sleep with an almost six-month old hanging around.

Mondays after a weekend away are even worse.

There is definitely NO FOOD.  Especially milk.  Which I need for my coffee in the morning.  No coffee = cranky Mommy.

There is a GIANT PILE of crap in the foyer that needs to be put away.

There is a GIANT PILE of laundry... plus the linens and towels :(.

I am extra tired because we got home late and someone didn't want to go back to sleep once we got here and felt the need to wake up at 6:30.

AND it's always kind of a let down after a holiday.

So instead of doing anything about those chores, or those piles, or that lack of food, I will sit here in front of my computer and mope.

I wouldn't want your mood to be altered by my negativity though, so the following photo-splosion should lift your spirits!

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