Playing with the Big Kids

Stretchy and I usually go to a play group once a week or so.  She has two super cute friends- one who's almost a year and another that's three and a half months.  Since they're all so young, they usually don't interact much...

This weekend, we met two other families with older babies- one 21 month old, and a brother and sister: 18 months and 3 and half years old.

I was really surprised at how well Stretchy did with the big kids.  Actually, maybe I was more impressed with how well the big kids did with her.  They were so gentle and cute.  All of them tried to entertain her by giving her toys.  And the best part?  She was totally entertained and didn't even need me to sit and play with them!

Here are some cute playing pictures:

I don't have pictures from the other play date :(  Hopefully next time... 

On another note, we're also trying to teach Stretchy to play more by herself.  Now that she's sitting, she's a lot happier playing with her surroundings!

What an awesome zebra pillow!

Ooo, and what a cool rug!

Why is there an octopus in my bed??

And this picture, not because she's playing, but just because she's cute :)

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