Not So Sick, Getting Sick and Vaccines

Finally yesterday Stretchy seemed to be on the mend.  Aside from sounding like Darth Vader and occasionally appearing to be attempting to cough up a lung, her mood was much improved and I even elicited a few smiles and giggles.  Awesome.  Five days of sick baby is five too many.

So we were hanging out, playing and doing our thing when I start thinking to myself, "Gee, why am I so tired??"  About an hour later as we're singing Wheels on the Bus for the eleventieth time, I start feeling overwhelmed.  Thoughts like "How am I going to play with this baby for the next x hours?" and "What? She's done napping for the day?" start crossing my mind.  Soon after the dreaded headache makes an appearance and before you know it, I feel like I got hit by a school bus (probably that one we've been singing about all day) and I just want to curl up in bed.

Dang it.  Now I'M sick.  Just as Stretchy is feeling better and wants Mommy to be her normal, happy, energetic, Wheels-On-The-Bus-singing Mom.  Figures...

On another related note, Stretchy had her 6 month appointment on Monday and aside from the incessant river of goop flowing out of her nose, she's doing great.  15lbs, 4oz.  26.5" tall.

Now, Monday morning I debated calling (not that I really would have had time to call before our 8:30 appointment- what was I thinking) and letting them know Stretchy wasn't feeling well and we'd need to reschedule the vaccinations because I didn't want to hit her while she was down.  Rethinking my idea, I decided with a cold going on 5 days she should probably be seen anyway.

Good news- they were out of one of the vaccines!  Which meant I didn't have to sound like the crazy, overprotective, worrying mom and tell them I wanted to wait.

HOWEVER... IF she had been well, I would have been pretty angry, because who wants to drive their kid to the doctor TWICE in one week.  NOT ME.

Which brings me to the fact that now that Stretchy is feeling better and I am sick, the office calls and says they can vaccinate her today.  I figure, "Why not?" maybe she'll sleep it off all day and I can recoup... does that make me a bad mom??

And of course, since I don't want to end on a depressing Not So Sick, Getting Sick and Getting Vaccinated note... here are some cute pictures to tide you over until I feel better :)

Practicing standing!

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