Nap Anyone?

According to Mirriam Webster:

nap: to sleep briefly, especially during the day.

According to one almost six-month old baby that lives in my house:

nap: to engage in vocal and mouth exercises, dorsal activities, occasional spurts of crying and whining and/or experimenting with bodily functions while in the confines of one's crib (see video below).

I, for one, cherish "nap time" as it allows me to get some chores done (or more often check e-mail and write blog posts) and occasionally take a break with coffee and a magazine.

Up until now, naps were short-lived, but soundly taken... now, well... let's just say my house is dirty, if you write me an e-mail, I probably won't respond... and as far as blog posts... they may be few and far between.

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