The End of the Plague

For the first time over a week we all woke up feeling pretty good.

I still have a lingering sniffle and Stretchy still sounds a bit like Darth Vader when she breathes sometimes, but overall, we're happy to be feeling mostly better.

Stretchy still has her moments when I'm not sure if she's 100%:

But she has seemed a lot happier lately.

Other signs of happy baby: she is eating and no longer wants to take naps.

I have to say, being sick really, for lack of a better word, sucked.  Not only could I not just lie around in bed and drink ginger ale and watch TV until I felt better, but I couldn't even take anything for it (oh, DayQuil, how I missed you...) since I'm still breastfeeding.  Arg.  Enough complaining... off to enjoy some nice weather and get out of the germ-infested house!

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