We Have a Sitter

So now we can go out whenever we want for date night!!

No, just kidding.  Stretchy has a severe case of Mommy-itis and if I even leave her alone for a few minutes she flips out.  Especially if I'm leaving her with someone else.  Like at the gym.  I just want to work out for half an hour, but lately, as soon as I hand her off she starts screaming and doesn't let up until I come back (or until they come get me).

We have another kind of sitter.  The 5 1/2 month old baby who can sit by herself!!

It's like it happened all of a sudden... for a while, she could sit up on the couch, or in the sand if we dug a hole for her to sit in, but it usually only lasted a couple minutes before she toppled over or fell forward.  I read that to help your baby sit, you should encourage her to put her hands in front of her for support. Well, Stretchy must take after her mom in the upper body strength department, because when we tried using her arms, she just folded forward onto her face.

But last Monday, she decided she was ready to sit on her own.  Monday it was just a few minutes before she got tired and started crying.  She never fell over though- she wobbled and bent forward and back, but managed to keep upright until I rescued her.  After lots of practice last week, now she's a sitting pro and can sit and play for 10 or 15 minutes.  She has yet to fall over, but occasionally she needs a little help when she leans to far in one direction.

I'm a proud Mommy!

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