Our Trip to NC: Day 2

On Wednesday, Stretchy woke up happy.  She slept in a little and seemed refreshed.

Bob's parents bought Stretchy an umbrella stroller since we weren't able to bring ours, and even though she's still a little too small for it, she seemed to like it.

We got her ready to go out

and decided to enjoy the nice warm weather and take her for a walk.

Bob's parents' house
We couldn't get enough of the mild weather and decided we'd also take Stretchy to the beach.  I was pretty excited since Stretchy can now almost sit by herself and really enjoys playing with things around her.  I was hoping for some pretty cute beach pictures and I wasn't disappointed.

Tasting the salty air

Testing out her sea-legs

Later that evening, we went over to Bob's Grandmother's house to visit.  It was pretty exciting as she's 100 years old and this would be her first time meeting her great granddaughter!

They seemed to like each other pretty well.

Stretchy also really liked the beer we were offered.

After a busy day, Stretchy was exhausted!!  (And so were we!)

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