First Time Playing in the Snow

Last week Stretchy and I visited my parents and sister in NH.  It's always nice to get away for a couple of days and have someone take care of the both of us.  Usually my day consists of balancing a baby on my hip while trying to move the laundry around and cook dinner (or at least defrost something from the freezer) while intermittenly playing, dancing, singing or some combination of the three.

It was nice to only have to play, dance and sing.  And occasionally rock and burp and feed and change.  But the best part was that there were three other people around who love Stretchy and wanted to take a turn at entertaining her for a while!

We planned on coming home Thursday, but as always, something had to come up to foil our travel plans. This time, it was a snowstorm.  Yes, snow.  There hasn't been snow all winter, but the one day I plan on driving, it snows.  A lot.  Too much to drive in.  I would say I was disappointed, but it was pretty awesome to be stuck in NH for an extra day of TLC.  AND, the following:

The first snowflakes were cold and wet

But soon it was fun... Look at the cute baby snow angel!

Lying on the inner tube was fun... 

We weren't so sure about being pulled around... 

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