A Third Chair at the Table

At four months babies can start eating solid food.  In preparation for Stretchy eating, we bought her a seat for the table.  We might have gone the actual high-chair route, but we really don't have the space.  This travel baby chair is pretty awesome and it takes up less space than a normal chair at the table.  AND it looks really comfy.  I wonder if they make them in grown-up sizes?
At first she seemed a little confused...

But then decided she liked it.

Metzker liked it too.

I guess the typical first foods are vegetable purees and cereals.  We're thinking about Baby Led Weaning, where the baby starts eating real food when they're interested instead of being spoon fed.  Stretchy isn't quite ready for this yet, but since she's sitting at the dinner table now, I figured we'd see how she liked real food.

Food 1:  Squash.
Stretchy's Reaction:  Seemed to like it.
Amount eaten:  Sucked off some juice.

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