Super Bowl Snacks and Baby-Love

1. I have a hangover.  Not a drinking hangover (though after Stretchy went to bed, I did have a beer or two), but a food hangover.  We didn't go out to a Superbowl party or have people over or anything.  It was just me and Bob and a whole bunch of terrible for you, fried, frozen appetizers.  SO YUMMY.  Food-love.  However, this morning I feel like a piece of ****.  Fun.

2.  Baby-Love.  Last night was not a good sleeping night.  Stretchy was up 3 times instead of her usual one or two.  I was tired (and beginning my food hangover).  This morning at 6am I did not want to wake up.  BUT, Stretchy was SO CUTE this morning, that she totally made up for it.  I got a gillion smiles and even a bunch of giggles.  And now she is napping.  Happy Mom (if only I wasn't food-hungover, it would be a fantastic start to a day).

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