Stretchy's First Swim!

Let me start by saying that babies in bathing suits on beach chairs are absolutely the cutest thing in the entire world.  I must also credit the humidity in the pool area for making what would have been an awesome photo even awesomer- I mean, I don't know how to make my camera do that on my own.  So thanks humidity!

This weekend has been a weekend full of visitors.  Bob's brother visited and my aunt came to town.  Might have something to do with school vacation starting Monday... 

While the guys were off doing "boy things," my aunt, my mom (who never passes up and excuse to come visit her granddaughter), Stretchy and I went swimming in the hotel pool where my mom and aunt were staying.  

She's a natural fish.  She LOVED it.  Even the getting dunked underwater part (what? you're not supposed to do that to babies?)

Cutest thing ever.  That's all I have to say.  Here's a video to prove it.

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  1. Ah! She's so cute! Much cuter than the Nirvana baby.