My Personal Trainer

A mom's body just isn't the same after having a baby.  Period.  If yours is, congratulations, I hate you, and stop reading this now.

There are an insane number of workout videos, books, CDs, you name it- all with the promise to help shed the baby weight.  I suppose when you consider that 80% of women have had a child (roughly? the number was 82% in 2008, its probably a lucrative business.  

I was naive enough to think that I would have time to work out and bought a book and a video.  I have done the video exactly 0 times.  I read the book and did a couple exercises... um... twice?  I suppose if, unlike me, you have a baby that naps for more than 30 minutes at a time or more than 3 times a day, you are lucky, I hate you, and again, stop reading.  If I actually tried to do a workout video, I'm pretty sure this is what would happen:

Rock baby to sleep.  Put baby down.  Baby fusses.  Pick baby up.  Rock some more.  Put baby down.  tiptoe upstairs so baby doesn't wake up.  Change into workout clothes.  Find DVD.  Turn it on, with very low volume.  Start workout.  Stretch.  Do something that involves a jumping movement.  Startle baby.  Freeze.  Stare at baby to make sure she goes back to sleep.  Wait a couple minutes to make sure she really is asleep.  Resume workout.  Complete 2 exercises.  Baby wakes up.  And its a wrap... I'm pretty sure those two exercises aren't going to do anything for me.

So I've wasted a few bucks on some workouts that I probably won't ever do again...

Good news is, I've found a solution.  A personal trainer.  Usually personal trainers are expensive- $50 a session.  I've found one for free.  The exercises she's taught me are great- body weight exercises with high reps.  She's available at all hours of the day and is teaching me that you can squeeze in a workout just about anywhere any time.

Because I'm a nice person, I'm going to share her exercise that guarantees a six pack in under 4 months.  She started out with a pot belly and I can definitely see her results!

Anytime you are lying down, preoccupy yourself with something fun and reverse crunch away:

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