Oh, the Horror!!

Today was Stretchy's 2 month visit.  Three things happened during this visit that I wasn't expecting.

1. Stretchy was calm, collected and cool for almost the entire time.  She even smiled at the doctor and practiced coo-ing.  Awesome.

2.  She was not nearly as heavy as I thought and I lost the bet.  I thought she'd be at least 12lbs. by now.  Nope.  10lbs.14oz.  Which places her neatly in the 48th percentile.  Enjoy that while you can little Stretchy... if you've got any Mommy-genes in you, it won't last long...

3.  Watching your child as someone inflicts pain on them- in fact, pain which you have whole-heartedly signed up and asked for- is the most horrific thing that could happen to a person.  The cry that ensued as the injections were given was the saddest thing I've ever seen Stretchy do.  The red face, the un-ending wail... I may have even teared up a little.

The up-side to the vaccines?  Stretchy took a two-hour nap when we got home and I finished my Christmas wrapping.

The down-side?  Since she woke up from the above-mentioned nap, she's been trying to wear out her lungs.  It hasn't worked yet.

Dear Infant Triaminic,

Please work soon, or Mommy will have a nervous breakdown from not being able to comfort her child in any way.


Frazzled Mommy, Who in the Very Near Future, Might Break Down and Cry with Her Baby

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