New York at Christmas

Last weekend we went to New York City.  I'm like a little kid, and as soon as we found out we'd be living within hours of NYC, I had to go at Christmastime.

It was Stretchy's 2 month birthday.  I thought a trip to NYC seemed like a pretty good present.

We got up early (we even had to wake Stretchy up) and arrived at the Saratoga bus station at 8am.

Stretchy wasn't sure about her first bus ride.

By the time we transferred in Albany, she was a pro.

We arrived in NYC around noon.  Stretchy was in awe.

It was bustling and crazy and there were people practically lined up to walk across the street.

Stretchy was a little overwhelmed and decided to take a nap.

We saw Times Square.

Stretchy woke up in time to see the Christmas Market at Bryant Park where we saw the ice skaters

and got our picture taken by the tree.

There were lots of interesting things to see

On the way to The Tree

We waited in line at FAO Schwartz.  Fortunately, the stroller line was short!

Daddy couldn't figure out how to use the camera... but here we are by the Ugly Dolls.

We went across the street to the Plaza Hotel

Where there was the best Santa ever.
 Stretchy got her first picture with Santa, and it was the cutest thing on the planet, but I'll save that for another post... but here she is afterwards in the fancy waiting area chair.

On the way back to the bus we tried for a family portrait...

And took a few more photos.

I have to say that looking back, was taking a 2 month old to NYC a very enjoyable thing to do?  When you are a crazy, worrying mom, No.  But was it amazing and awesome and would I do it again?  Totally.  If only for the Santa picture.

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  1. I LOVE NYC too. And we totally took Austin twice when he was a little guy. And I totally needed a drink after each time.