The Big Roll. Over.

So, I wasn't going to post anymore until I got back to NY, BUT, something very exciting happened yesterday, and right now, Stretchy is sleeping in her carseat*.

As we were having our daily "tummy time" - necessary now because babies can't sleep on their stomachs anymore and without tummy time, would apparently never learn to crawl - Stretchy did something totally unexpected.  For the past few days, she'd been getting a lot better at tummy time.  Since we started at week 4, tummy time typically involved a very unhappy baby faceplanting the playmat, drooling some, and crying almost immediately.  For a couple weeks, we saw some improvement in the form of a slight headlift which would precede the faceplant.  But recently, she's been able to hold her head up for a good 20 seconds before falling subject to the face-in-the-mat.  Yesterday, as she was holding her little head up, she started rocking a little- not too unusual, the rocking usually signified her deciding tummy time was over, but suddenly, she was on her back.  No help needed- she'd ROLLED OVER!!

Now, I couldn't get too excited just yet, because at her 4-week appointment, the doctor had placed her on her tummy and somehow she rolled over to her back.  The doctor was impressed, but I'm pretty sure it was a fluke combination of her being extremely upset and the placement of one of her arms (maybe under the belly?).  So I had to see if she'd do it again...

Like any proud parent I took out the camcorder (thanks for the awesome Christmas present, Mom!) and turned her back on her tummy and pressed record.  And waited.  And waited.  For her to faceplant and start crying...

I hoped she was just too tired from the first flip to do it again right away.  And I was right!  After a nap, this is what I caught on tape:

I couldn't have been prouder of my little girl!!

She worked so hard!

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