Happy Halloween!

Yesterday MiniM.E. and I were pretty excited about Halloween.  Not only do we finally live in a neighborhood that is perfect for trick-or-treaters (no hills, houses spaced close together, lots of houses in one area), but we also had plans to visit the most tricked-out halloween mansion ever!

One of our friends who moved back from Dresden at the same time as us lives right around the corner from one of the most ridiculous houses in Saratoga Springs, the Riggi Mansion.  (You can read more about it here.)  For Halloween, they go all out and decorate with a bazillion pumpkins and on the actual date host a "Halloween Party"- open to the public with free cider and donuts and trick-or-treating for a full sized candy bar and a chance to win a hundred dollars in the wrapper (sounds a little Willy Wonka to me...).

Since it sounded so cool, MiniM.E. and I ventured out for the first time BY OURSELVES (with the exception of the grocery store- which we only did yesterday morning) to meet up with our friends and see the Riggi Halloween.

Once we got dressed in the Halloween outfit (super cute), threw a tantrum about getting in the car seat, made it all the way to our friend's house (15 minute car ride), got out of the car and cried because we were wet, did a diaper change on the couch, got held by someone else, pooped in her arms, had poop all the way up the back (what's with these new up-the-back-poops??), got changed again, cried some more because, well, who knows?, and finally got into the baby-wearing-carrier, we were ready for the Riggi Mansion.

It really was pretty awesome.

This is just the side entrance...
Me and MiniM.E. in front of the side entrance... even though it kind of looks like just a pregnant me...  

Free cider and donuts

The line to trick-or-treat

Us with a costumed Riggi daughter who gave us a full sized candy bar
By the time we walked over, ate our free cider and donuts, and stood in line to trick-or-treat, it was time to walk back and head home because MiniM.E. was going to be hungry since it was past time to eat.  Fortunately, she was fantastic and slept the whole time we were out (nothing like enjoying your first Halloween), but once we got in the car, all hell broke loose and she screamed bloody murder the whole way home (which was a little upsetting for a new mom taking her baby out for the first time by herself).

We made it home and got her fed and she was fine (I'm sure you were all concerned...), and then we enjoyed all the compliments on having such a cute baby as we handed out candy to a ton of trick-or-treaters.

And finally, pictures of MiniM.E. in costume (kind of).

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  1. #1 Your baby is freaking adorable
    #2 Those free donuts and cider were pretty awesome
    #3 Thanks for the support through my bleeding