Weekend Foliage (or lack thereof) Drive

Since there's a good chance we'll be spending next weekend at the hospital rather than enjoying the mid-70 degree weather coming our way, we decided to take a drive to see the foliage... I've been so excited about fall in the northeast that this was one more thing I couldn't miss.  I'd been tracking the foliage progress on the news with the "foliage map" and even though we were at the "beginning to turn" stage, I figured we'd at least get to see a few nice trees and take a nice Sunday drive.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't really cooperate.  And by didn't really cooperate, I mean it was cold, damp, cloudy and drizzly.  Pretty much a miserable day for doing anything but sitting inside with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate watching movies.  Yet there were were, driving miles from our house to see some trees in the rain.

On a positive note, I've heard that the best foliage viewing is on a cloudy day is best, especially for taking photos because direct sunlight is too harsh and a cover of clouds produces soft, uniform lighting.  It was definitely cloudy... with a smattering of showers...

Fortunately (or unfortunately) there were about seven trees the whole trip that were in full color so even if the conditions weren't exactly perfect for photographing (and were certainly not perfect for getting out of the car for a bit of hiking or leaf collecting), we didn't miss much.

Sweet artsy-looking mushrooms

Awesome store design... At least we saw something cool on the drive.

Hopefully New Baby loves driving in the car and we can go on a foliage drive when the "foliage map" shows that we're in "peak" foliage season...

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