Today's (probably not) The Day!

October 7th.

I should be having a baby today.  Am I?  Not yet.  Still hopeful though.  I like the number 7.  And now that everything's done, I'm pretty anxious for her to arrive.  But despite the entire pineapple I ate last night, nothing but some serious acid reflux (pineapple is really acidic!) and some "I ate way too much pineapple" stomach cramps.

We'll see though.  She still has another 13 hours or so.

Maybe if not today, then this weekend...

I DID find another project to keep me busy this morning.

Introducing.... Project : Baby Mobile!!

Using digital images of the jungle animal artwork on the wall, I printed out three sets of my 7 favorite animals.  With a couple of wooden dowels painted pink, some embrodery floss, and a few pieces of foam core, I now have a mobile full of high-contrast images for New Baby to look at.
(Also, for people who walk into the room to look at, as seen in the two photos above.)

The coolest part of the mobile?? This is what it looks like if you are lying in the crib.

Note: I did not actually get into the crib to take this picture.  I probably would have broken it.  I just set the camera on the mattress.

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