I *Think* I'm Finally Ready...

It took a couple more days of hanging shelves, arranging, unpacking, cleaning, organizing and feeling a bit like I was losing my mind, but I *think* I'm finally ready for the baby.  I *think* the house is pretty much done (aside from that box of clothes I don't have any space to unpack, which is okay, because they don't fit right now anyway seeing as how there is a watermelon growing inside my ever-expanding stomach).

The nice things about being ready?  Well, obviously, any time the baby comes (which according to the doctor I saw today could be tonight or in two weeks.  Thanks, super helpful...), I won't have a zillion things on my "To Do List," so maybe I can actually spend some time with her.  I have more time on my hands for awesome things I've been forgetting to do my whole pregnancy--like napping, and also more times for things I haven't done much of and wish I didn't have time for--like worrying.  About EVERYTHING.  But I've saved a few projects to keep me occupied during the next week (or two, or three...) while I wait for the arrival of... *gulp*... a real, live, crying (but hopefully also cute and squirmy) baby.

And probably the most exciting thing about being unpacked and finally at home for blogging is that my camera is set up and I can get all my pictures onto my computer and POST THEM!!!

As promised, here are pictures of the baby's room, complete with crazy jungle mural!

The crib bedding is totally thanks to my awesome mom who sewed everything with a couple sets of Target sheets.   It's really hard to find awesome material that coordinates with a brightly colored, jungle-themed room!

Note: sweet books in German and adorable kitten

Target has these super cute mini box shelves (above changing table and between closet doors).  I highly recommend buying at least 3 for your house. 
The rest of our house turned out pretty well too.  Maybe I'll turn photographer this weekend and walk around taking awesome pictures of it since the next week will probably be the only time until we move out that it will be clean and organized.  It's on my "To Do List."

And as a final photo, here is me (in the baby's room--it's so cute I just want to live in there myself) almost ready to pop!

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