Happy Labor Day Weekend

Or for us, our last weekend of time to hang out together with no house to work on or baby to take care of...

Not that we're not thrilled with all the new changes coming up, it's just going to be different.

So I'm hijacking Bob's computer to post a post with pictures!!  All our stuff is scheduled to arrive a week from Monday, so hopefully after that, I can post more often.  Well, for a few weeks anyway...

Let me fill you in on life since returning to America with the following:

Finding a House:
-I looked at a bunch of condos/townhouses while here on my own
-I found one I liked and put an offer on it
-The offer was accepted... we almost have a house!!
-(Bob liked it when he got here)

The Kitties:
-Love having carpeting (no sliding on the hardwood into walls)
-Love chasing each other up and down the stairs
-Got a new kitty condo as a present for moving back overseas
-Like exploring and sleeping in the sun

Austin, Texas:
-we used to live there
-we went down for a week as soon as Bob got home to check out our condo
-we thought we were just packing up a few things a touching up some paint
-we ended up spending the entire weekend cleaning, scrubbing, steam cleaning and painting :(
-we saw a really cool owl

The Baby:
-I'm getting ginormous
-Found a good doctor and a good pediatrician
-Bought a ton of stuff for her
-Made my own crib sheets
-Just finished painting the mural for her room

This Weekend:

We have lots of plans to enjoy this weekend since next weekend we'll (hopefully) be in the house and have lots of projects to work on until the baby arrives!

Last night we went to the Saratoga Park to walk around.  It was also the evening of a Journey concert, so we ended up waiting in line just to get into the park and had to park at the golf course, which really didn't put us near the walking/jogging trails, BUT we did get to walk around a bit and hear Journey from afar.

Today we went apple picking.  I haven't been in YEARS!! and I was so excited to move to New York just to go apple picking.  This was the first weekend for apples in New York, so there weren't hay rides yet (one of my requirements for a good apple picking experience), but there were tasty apples, apple cider and hot donuts, so I was a pretty happy camper.

Here is the most recent picture of me... only one month left!!
This weekend is the last weekend of the races at the Saratoga Race Course, so there is live music downtown.  We'll go see a concert and go out to eat at a restaurant that isn't kid-friendly.

Tomorrow we're going to the races, playing mini-golf, relaxing by the pool, and anything else fun we can find to do.

Monday is supposed to be stormy, so we might check out the local YMCA, which looks pretty awesome.  Or we could sit around on the balcony at our apartment and watch thunder storms.  I love thunderstorms.

Hopefully next week will be full of closing on the condo, starting to move in and completing some projects!

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  1. WOW!!! Looks like an exciting week to me!!! Love the new condo - looks like a little bit of a yard! The mural is going to be fabulous! BUT you did save the best for last - a FULL pic of YOU and the baby!!! That is sooooo exciting! hugs,k