Pregnancy Brain?

So I've heard rumors that when pregnant you are off balance (makes sense, you're carrying a watermelon in your stomach) and clumsy, and maybe a bit forgetful.  I wasn't really sure I believed the last two...

However, in the past few weeks, I've turned into a mess.  I drop things everywhere, breaking glasses, plates and exploding soda all over the kitchen.  I trip over my own feet, fall up the stairs, and run into anything with sharp corners.  And I forget everything.

Even when I go to the store, list in hand, somehow I end up unpacking the groceries wondering "where did that milk go?" only to realize I never bought any... despite it being on my list AND crossed off.

I decided to make cinnamon rolls and spent two hours on the recipe, preparing it a day ahead of time.  When I took them out of the fridge to bake them, they seemed to look funny.  I forgot the cinnamon.  REALLY??? Cinnamon rolls without cinnamon?  What is going on in my head??

People ask me questions and I respond with answers that don't make any sense- words are mixed up or I change my mind halfway through...

I'm just not really sure how pregnancy brain is a useful trait for expecting mothers... At this rate, I'll have my baby, forget I had it, bring it home, leave it somewhere, hear it crying and think it's the neighbors and probably forget I'm a mom all together!

I just hope it's like the swelling in my feet and it goes away after the baby gets here.  Otherwise, I apologize to my baby in advance...

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