Home, Sweet Home... Almost

So after months of stressing about the overseas trip and temporary housing and house-hunting, I'm finally sort of settled in Saratoga, NY.

How'd it go? It was better than I thought. But then again, I was expecting the worst...

Plane Trip Overseas With Cats:
They were a lot better than they were on the way over. I think they actually slept, and even when they were awake, the noise of the plane drowned out the meowing. The only hitches? The mean-looking man across the aisle who was apparently a cat hater, and when one of the cats bit my mom (who was awesome enough to fly all the way across the ocean to help bring the cats back) through the carrier. Apparently animal bites are pretty painful, though that was a week ago and my mom is now fine.
I think I was more upset about being on the plane than the cats. I was uncomfortable and the baby kept sticking feet in my ribs and I had heartburn and my left leg swelled up so I looked like elephant woman.

Temporary housing:
Awesome. With air conditioning. But no computer or business center. Pardon my lack of posting, but the iPod is NOT a computer...

Stressful. The second day here in Saratoga I looked at a lot of condos we had seen online, but nothing lived up to my expectations. The last place we looked at, which hadn't really been on our radar was perfect! Things moved super fast, bit we're on our way to having our perfect new family home!

Bob gets here Friday and I can't wait for him to see it.

While we wait to get in to the house, I'll be working on paintings and sheets and other projects for he nursery!


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