The Fun of a Visit to the Doctor in Germany

by MissKris

For any of you out there that have been to the OB/GYN, you know that this is not a particularly fun and/or eagerly anticipated event for any woman.  In fact, I believe the majority of us despise this visit.  It might be a tie with going to the dentist.

But really, when you think about it, what could possibly beat going to a pre-scheduled appointment where you wait in the waiting room 30 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, are ushered into a room where they weigh you, are told to strip down and re-dress in only a paper gown, wait another 15 minutes on a cold table in said paper gown, only to have a person you've met a handful of times in your life shove a cold, duck-shaped metal object in places you don't want things shoved?  I mean, what isn't fun about that? Right?

Well... let me tell you about something even MORE fun.  Doing the same thing, but in Germany-- where rules about nudity, privacy and cleanliness are something a little different... 

Imagine this... 

Not only do you arrive at the office and wait in the waiting room for 30-60 minutes, but before you are allowed to sit down you must use the WC (restroom) -- which is convieniently a one-room toilet with an old rickety door with a lock that works sometimes and is right across from the waiting room so everyone can hear ALL noises coming from with in -- and pee in a cup.  BUT, not just any cup; a small, white, plastic dixie cup with your name written on it in Sharpie.  Which, after filling you do not cover or leave in a special door in the wall, but on the back of the toilet alongside many other white plastic cups.  Really??

Then, after waiting your allotted time, you are weighed (ugh), get blood taken, blood pressure, etc. 

Then you wait some more.  Finally, you go to see the doctor, who asks you to kindly go into a small changing cabin and remove your shirt.  BUT, once in said changing cabin, you realize there is NO PAPER GOWN.  WHAT??  So you walk out of the cabin shirtless to be felt up by the doctor.  Fun. 

THEN, you are asked to put back on the shirt and remove the rest of your clothes.  Again... where is the paper skirt??  What is going on here?? 

Not only are there no skirts, but the office is on the first floor of a HOUSE, and even though the blinds are down, you can clearly see a man in the yard next door MOWING HIS LAWN.  REALLY??  And still, there comes the metal duck.

I must say that of all the things I will NOT miss about Germany, the visits to the doctor are right up at the top of my list.  I just want my paper clothes...


My First Mommy Post

by MissKris 

Okay, so technically I'm not a mommy YET.  But I will be.  In 4 months.  I already have a blog about me and my travels and my artwork at www.misskrisart.blogspot.com.  But I figure in the coming months (and definitely years) I will have less time for stuff about ME because it will all be about NewBaby.

Basically, I need a NEW blog to share all sorts of cute and adorable photos of NewBaby, but also because I want to try (try being the operative word here.  I know for all you veteran parents out there, you're going to read the next part of this sentence and start rolling on the floor because you know I won't have time for what I'm going to say- I'll be lucky if I have time to sleep more than 5 hours or take a shower... but let me have these next 4 months of unrealistic expectations...) to share mommying experiences, fun and easy food, and artistic and creative projects that will (hopefully) be part of NewBaby's everyday life.

Of course, the next 4 months of not actually having a baby will not include things about having a baby, but might include some thoughts on upcoming mommyhood, some strange new recipes, or artsy projects I have planned for NewBaby's room and things I want to make for NewBaby (that is if I ever decide to un-glue my expanding butt from the sofa or the comfy computer chair).

And hopefully after 4 months I'll be adding lots of fun and exciting tales about NewBaby, ways I figure out how to squeeze food into my new life, and projects that NewBaby and I can do when s/he isn't sleeping, eating or pooping.  For those of you with new babies of your own, these will be super awesome, extremely fun and inevitably messy things to keep you and your baby entertained.  For those of you without new babies, sometimes we all need some simple art projects regardless of how old we are.  So maybe you can try them on your own.  Think of it like "art therapy".

That said, I'm going to go eat some cookies and lie on the couch.