My First Mommy Post

by MissKris 

Okay, so technically I'm not a mommy YET.  But I will be.  In 4 months.  I already have a blog about me and my travels and my artwork at www.misskrisart.blogspot.com.  But I figure in the coming months (and definitely years) I will have less time for stuff about ME because it will all be about NewBaby.

Basically, I need a NEW blog to share all sorts of cute and adorable photos of NewBaby, but also because I want to try (try being the operative word here.  I know for all you veteran parents out there, you're going to read the next part of this sentence and start rolling on the floor because you know I won't have time for what I'm going to say- I'll be lucky if I have time to sleep more than 5 hours or take a shower... but let me have these next 4 months of unrealistic expectations...) to share mommying experiences, fun and easy food, and artistic and creative projects that will (hopefully) be part of NewBaby's everyday life.

Of course, the next 4 months of not actually having a baby will not include things about having a baby, but might include some thoughts on upcoming mommyhood, some strange new recipes, or artsy projects I have planned for NewBaby's room and things I want to make for NewBaby (that is if I ever decide to un-glue my expanding butt from the sofa or the comfy computer chair).

And hopefully after 4 months I'll be adding lots of fun and exciting tales about NewBaby, ways I figure out how to squeeze food into my new life, and projects that NewBaby and I can do when s/he isn't sleeping, eating or pooping.  For those of you with new babies of your own, these will be super awesome, extremely fun and inevitably messy things to keep you and your baby entertained.  For those of you without new babies, sometimes we all need some simple art projects regardless of how old we are.  So maybe you can try them on your own.  Think of it like "art therapy".

That said, I'm going to go eat some cookies and lie on the couch.

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