He's Here!

Monday and Tuesday were more of the same... hanging around, trying to rest, playing...

Until Tuesday night after dinner when my water broke and it was go time! Two and a half hours later, he was here and we couldn't be more in love.

The girls came to visit twice today, and they are over the moon for him. He is so lucky to have two amazing big sisters.

We are stuck here in the hospital til Friday because he came so fast and needs to be monitored for possible infection, but we are doing well and can't wait to come home!


One More Weekend With Just the Four of Us

Over the weekend we were still waiting...

Gram has been here, on call for when the baby comes, for a while so Grumpy came for the weekend to help with the girls (and see his wife!). It was a welcome distraction from the waiting.

MiniM.E. had soccer Saturday morning.

Sunday MiniM.E. sang at both church services. Then, since the weather was nice and it was opening weekend at the Great Escape AND bring a friend free day, we decided to head up and spend the afternoon riding rides... and maybe walking the baby out?

No such luck on the arrival of Baby 3. But the girls had a great afternoon!


Just Waiting

So we've all just been waiting around for the arrival of Baby 3. I am huge and exhausted. Thankfully Gram is here to help out and is ready whenever we need her to watch the girls.

But exciting events are certainly not occurring and we are just laying low, finishing up our school year, and trying to keep the girls busy enough to be happy.

playing with "new" toys

a walk in Congress Park

a morning at the playground


A Farm Birthday Party

This weekend we were invited to a birthday party at Bowman Orchards. Usually we think of apple picking and fall fun, but a springtime visit was fantastic. We were the only party there and since the farm was otherwise closed to the public, we had full run of the playground, got to ride the moo moo choo choo, and fed all the animals.


A Playground and Worms

Welcome May! A nice warm day for an afternoon at the playground:

And a rainy day perfect for puddle jumping and searching for worms:


A Beautiful Sunday for a Wedding

My cousin, Steve, got married this weekend so we drove down to CT for the day. The ceremony was held at a beautiful state park. The girls were so excited for their first wedding and to dress up.

Afterwards, we all went back to the house for a backyard reception- lots of food and lots of playing for the kids and socializing for the adults. I'm glad Baby 3 didn't make an early appearance so we were able to attend!


A Hike At Moreau

Since we caught salamanders at the beach at Moreau the girls have been begging me to go back. This certainly hasn't be the week for beach weather, but I had been wanting to try a hike around the small part of the lake to see some beaver dams, so I offered up the suggestion of hike and playground for today. I might have suggested that a friend's daughter made her mom do the same hike at least once a week before her baby brother was born so he would come out sooner and that might have influenced MiniM.E.'s excitability about hiking around a lake.

Even though she is usually not a walker or a hiker, MiniM.E. did really well and hardly complained. It was probably a good mile and a half, but with three beaver dams, lots of rocks to find and a big hill that promised a chocolate bar at the top, there was plenty of motivation to keep walking.

It was only towards the end that MiniM.E. suddenly became concerned about being lost and not finding our way back to the playground. But within minutes, we were back and the girls had fun playing on the few things that weren't wet and mucky from all the rain. We didn't have long to play anyway...