Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Daddy and Grumpy and Grandpa in NC... and to all the dads out there!

We are finishing up a great long weekend at Gram and Grumpy's house with a beautiful day for swimming and a rib dinner for the guys.

Since we will be leaving tonight, we had a nice bonfire with marshmallows and some sparklers- a special treat for Gram and Grumpy's!


Learning to Swim

MiniM.E. has two New Year's Resolutions that she's been working on for a while now.  Her first was learning to read and I'm excited to say that she is well on her way.  We are far beyond "See the fat cat." and she is able to read simple stories from her McGuffy's Primer and recognizes words she sees around.

This weekend she has been making some solid progress on swimming too! Just in time for swimming lessons to start in a week.

LittleL.G. isn't quite as big a fan of the big pool and prefers the hot tub and the kiddie pool on the deck.

MiniM.E. is so much more comfortable in the water she even went down the big slide!

The Friendly Farm

Today we all drove to the Friendly Farm for our annual visit. This was our fourth year visiting in the early summer. Last year we took Auntie Jen with us and this year we took Grumpy and Daddy for the first time. It is such a great farm that is is more than worth the hour plus drive. All the animals are friendly and accessible. Most of them are okay to hold or pick up and the girls were able to feed most of them too!
holding the baby chicks

feeding a goat

holding a goat

feeding a goat a bottle

feeding the baby calf

watering down the pig


Our First Trip to NH of the Summer

Gram came to NY to see MiniM.E.'s recital and we left with her to go back to NH Wednesday evening. It's always exciting to go to NH for the first time in the summer when the pool is open and the weather is nice and we can swim and play outside all day.  

The plan was to have the girls sleep on the way.  50% success.

Thursday we swam and played outside.

And Thursday evening after work Daddy came to meet us.

Today we went to the trampoline park in Nashua for toddler time.




Our Second Dance Recital

Last night was MiniM.E.'s second dance recital. Her first recital was a huge deal as it celebrated some big firsts for her. The second time around she was like a seasoned pro- just the tiniest bit of nerves and so excited to dance on stage! She's really grown a lot in the past 6 months!

MiniM.E. is already looking forward to dance next year.  And LittleL.G. too! She can start when she's two and is already excited about it.


Congress Park

Today was our weekly playdate with our best friends and we met downtown to do what we affectionately call, "Bucks and Ducks" - a coffee and snack at Starbucks and a walk through the park to feed the ducks.

MiniM.E. was nibbled by a duck pretty early on in our walk so today we added feeling the water in the new reflecting pool:

And playing with the water, rocks and coins in this fountain:

So enjoying just being outside in the nice summer weather!