Last Day of Swimming: Session One

On this miserable, cold Friday, MiniM.E. had her Fun Friday (a.k.a. the last day of swimming lessons which isn't really lessons because they just fool around in the pool, jump off the diving boards a lot and eat junk food).

She has made a ton of progress this session and passed her level. We are looking forward to swimming lessons: session two- especially LittleL.G. who will start parent-tot lessons.

We weren't sad to end swimming since we will be starting again next week, but all our friends only signed up for session one, and it will be sad not to have mom company during lessons and I'm sure the girls will miss their friends for playground time and picnic lunches.


Baby Love!

BabySlimJim gets toted around most of the time, to swimming and any afternoon activities and doesn't have much time for photo shoots, but the girls find plenty of time for baby cuddles.

Who could resist this face?


Happy Birthday Lunch

One of our best mom friends, who also does swim with us, celebrated her birthday today so we took her out for brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants, The Iron Roost.

Nothing better than good food and good company...

Except good food and good company followed by an impromptu dance performance.


More Swimming

We are on week three of swimming. It's nice to know what to pack and how to plan for the day every day. The weather this year certainly hasn't been as nice though. LittleL.G. enjoys playing with the water from the kiddie pool more than actually swimming in the kiddie pool.

BabySlimJim just sleeps...

But today was warm enough for LittleL.G. to really enjoy herself.

MiniM.E. always has a good time playing before her lessons and has a few friends to play with.

Even though swimming isn't as fun for LittleL.G. as for MiniM.E., she loves that we stay and play on the playground everyday. She could swing forever.


Puddles and a BBQ

Today after some crazy thunderstorms, LittleL.G. and I went for a puddle hunting walk while Daddy and MiniM.E. took a bike ride.

Then it was off to a BBQ/firepit warming party for our friends. MiniM.E. and LittleL.G. cooked their own hot dogs for the first time which made them much better for eating.

Then we lit off some fireworks we brought and did some sparklers. Highlight of the day!


Happy 4th of July!

We came to NH to celebrate with my parents this year since MiniM.E. has a day off from swim lessons today and Daddy was able to take a day off from work.

Any excuse to come hang out at my parents house where we can just send the girls out back to the pool instead of packing a bag and driving somewhere to swim. (Sometimes it's tempting to just come live here for the summer!)

There has been lots of swimming. BabySlimJim had his first pool experience. Both girls have made huge improvements in swimming in the past couple weeks. MiniM.E. can dive off the diving board and fetch diving toys from the bottom of the deep end, and LittleL.G. is making great progress towards swimming by herself.



Lots of jumping, swinging and hanging around.

Yesterday we found fireworks in Portsmouth, NH. The girls had a street dance party and all three kids loved the fireworks.

Tonight we were all tired from lots of long weekdays and big weekends. Originally we planned on going to the 4th fireworks here in Concord like we used to do when I was a kid, but Daddy had to go home to work tomorrow morning and we all decided it would be more fun to take late night swims and have a fire on the deck and light off some of our own fireworks. And most importantly get to bed before midnight! Happy 4th of July!