My Brave Gummy Bear

Yesterday MiniM.E. was complaining about her "shark teeth" and insisted we make a dentist appointment.

A few hours later she only had 16 baby teeth left!

Neither of us ever imagined that she would get four teeth pulled, but the big teeth coming in needed the space so they all would have had to be pulled eventually.

MiniM.E. was so brave, especially because I couldn't be in the room with her since they had to give her laughing gas. Even the dentist commented on how brave she was!

And once they were gone she was so excited about having four teeth to leave for the tooth fairy and smiled like this for the rest of the day.

This morning she found four sparkly $5 bills in place of her baby teeth. The tooth fairy must leave extra if you have to be brave and get teeth pulled!

It'll take a bit to get used to the new look. Good thing she's adorable no matter what!


What A Week!

BabySlimJim can move around and gets stuck under stuff

LittleL.G. wears BabySlimJim's outfit

MiniM.E. has "Shark Teeth"

Thursday started with a kitchen sink bath

some wild hair

playing in the snow

paint deodorant

plate skating

the Super Bowl

and more crazy hair!


Back in the Game

After a day away, I feel like I am excited to get back into all my mom jobs and feel like things are back to normal again. Even though I walked all day yesterday my foot is finally feeling a lot better. The weather was nice enough today that we were able to get outside for a while which lifted everyone's spirits.


Yesterday my neighbor and I took the day off from momming to drive to IKEA. It was the longest I have been away from all three kids but they had a blast spending the whole day with Daddy. LittleL.G. sent me with her stuffed animals and they had a great time at IKEA.

As you can tell by this shot of the packed van, we had a great time at IKEA too!


It's the Little Things

Today we drove down to Albany for an ENT visit for Leah. As a treat for such good behavior while waiting for hours at the office, we stopped for lunch at the Ruby Tuesday at the mall. There was an escalator and I'm fairly certain the girls could have ridden up and down until the mall closed.

Who knew? Why do I pay for indoor playgrounds when we could just ride escalators???


A Tea Party and Tae Kwon Do

Daddy is in Germany this week and since my foot is still healing and not quite up to driving around, Gram is back to stay with us for the week. Not to mention having help with three kids even when my foot is fine is much appreciated.

Yesterday, since most kids had the day off from school we met up for a tea party with MiniM.E.'s friends who are usually in school during the week.

And then LittleL.G. had her first Tae Kwon Do class. She is technically a bit too young, but she has been begging for Tae Kwon Do lessons like MiniM.E. for months. The owner agreed to let her do a month trial and she is beyond excited to be doing real Tae Kwon Do in her "costume"!
She killed it. And it was adorable.