So Long, March!

Since the blizzard, we have kind of been in a funk over here. Ready to get outside and play. School has been hard to get through, we've exhausted the indoor play areas, we brought in the reinforcements (thanks for visiting, Gram!), the girls are bored of everything and each other and we just need some nice warm weather so the snow melts and we can play outside.

To keep busy, we took on a ton of spring activities, like weekday ice skating and swimming lessons.

We've crawled the mall more times than I care to admit.

And of course, we've been to the "fun" places like the Tree Paad again and again.

Just as we need warm, of course, it decides to snow. Again.

I think, thank goodness, that we are finally done with the winter sicknesses and sniffles and we have a lot of exciting spring events to look forward to. Tomorrow we are leaving for Virginia (and hopefully some nice weather) to visit my sister tomorrow. It better be spring when we get back!

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