Babysitting and A Sleepover

The end of our week was full of MiniM.E.'s friend A. and her baby brother, Baby G.

Wednesday the dad's had a work dinner and A.'s mom had a work dinner so we babysat. I have to admit I was a bit worried about watching four kids at once during the witching hour, but it went really well.
princess already

having some babies

witching hour cuddle

finally one baby asleep
A. didn't have school yesterday, and since I've been promising MiniM.E. a sleepover for ages, we decided to keep A.'s mom or dad from having to drive her over in the morning, she would just sleep over.

A. was nervous at first, but fell asleep in no time. MiniM.E. had a bit of trouble adjusting to someone different sleeping in her room, but finally conked out too.

Even though everyone was tired, we had a ton of fun playing all the next day. MiniM.E. had such a good time she cried that A. had to go home at the end of the day.

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