Making a Snowman and Carving a Pumpkin on the Same Day!

When we woke up this morning I expected most of the snow to be gone because it was supposed to have rained most of the night, but all the snow was still there.  MiniM.E. hurried through school so that we could go out and play before all the snow melted.

Much to the girls' delight, since it was so warm, the snow was sticky enough to be snowman snow. Last winter every time it snowed all MiniM.E. wanted to do was make a snowman, but the snow was always too cold and dry.

The girls made this awesome snowman with a little help from mom to roll and carry the heavy balls.

This evening we had a pumpkin carving extravaganza in the kitchen.  Both the girls drew the faces on their pumpkins.  I had to cut out LittleL.G.'s for her.  MiniM.E. tried her hand at the knife, but she always wants the BIG pumpkins with the thick flesh and it was even hard for ME to carve out her design.

I am in LOVE with these pumpkins. So cute. And very scary!

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